Helmut & Jeff added 3/9/2024

At times, even Helmut seems to need a break from Jerome and today sends his best bud off to the pool by himself so that he can enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet. Of course, this doesn't last long.  As soon as Jeff spies his chance he sneaks into Helmut's room for a bit of fun with the biggest dick in the house. We all know that Jeff is one of the most sexually insatiable of all our guys and never passes up the chance at a good cock or ass. 

The weather today is already very hot, and we are guaranteed that Jeff is going to turn up the heat a few more notches until things reach a scorching climax. No need for lube in this encounter as both guys are already slick with sweat and with the help of a little spit, Helmut's dick slides on in with no trouble at all.