Helmut, Alan & Elio added 2/15/2024

Handsome herbalist Helmut starts today by explaining the benefits of certain 'herbs' on our bodies and how they can keep us all safe from Big Pharma.  Luckily for us, Alan does not seem all that interested and soon convinces Helmut that their time would be better spent fucking. While personally, I would have been happy to see Alan and Helmut fuck together for the third time, their little intimate moment is not to last when Elio arrives with lunch. Disregarding any personal fantasy regarding lunch delivery guys, the little distraction and addition of Elio to the scene allows both Alan and Helmut to show off their fucking skills on Elio's well-trained ass.

If this scene has left you wanting more you can always revisit the time that Alan fucked Helmut (over on Freshmen) or Helmut fucking Alan right here on BelAmiOnline from March last year.