Kyle & Bobby added 1/20/2024

After our warm-up scene for Sun&Sangria 2 weeks ago featuring Bruce and Ayden we are back today with 2 of our new stars, Kyle Brady and Bobby Kanne.  Both of these guys are in our 'Big Boys' group, both for their potential and their physiques!

While Bobby has a few scenes already on Freshmen, this is his BelAmiOnline hardcore debut, and the first time that we get to see him bottoming.  It wasn't so easy to find a guy to top Bobby as we needed it to be someone who could at least match him in stature for this inaugural fuck.  Luckily we have Kyle Brady around, who can match Bobby muscle for muscle!

Although they a physically similar, they are quite different in personality. Bobby is more grounded and easy-going whereas Kyle is really a showman (his side gig to working for us is as a professional stripper). 

Both guys will be back later on in the series where they tag team Virgil, and we will be seeing a lot more of both these stars in the future.