Jon & Kieran added 12/2/2023

A lot of us count today's models among our favorites, so we are very happy that they have finally decided to hook up together and we get to enjoy both Kieran and Jon at the same time! Sometimes, even with a perfect combination of models, scenes just don't work out the way we planned, but this is a great example of what happens when they do. Kieran is the perfect top for Jon, not afraid to assert himself just enough for Jon to realize who is in charge, but also not overly bossy and allows Jon to relax and enjoy whatever Kieran wants to do to him.  It also helps that he has the perfect-sized cock for Jon to enjoy: big. 

There is also something very hot and sexy in the differences between the guys. Blond Jon is quite 'self-aware' and spends a lot of time making sure he always looks perfect.  Kieran on the other hand is totally the opposite, and prefers spending the minimum amount of effort with distractions like the gym..