Pip & Jeroen added 8/12/2023

When we started watching this clip, we half-expected a voiceover from David Attenborough to magically appear and start describing the behavior of the BelAmi boys in their natural environment, but alas, that was not to be.  But we still got to watch Pip's efforts at seduction: First, he tried romantic but didn't get enough of a reaction from Jeroen, so he decides to change tack and take the playful approach, which seems to have the desired effect. After a few minutes of chasing each other around the rocky shores, Pip allows himself to be caught and taken home for the completion of this mating ritual. 

We have come to expect amazing performances from both of these guys, and they don't disappoint us here today. From Beach to shower to bed, the action is super sexy, hard and horny all the way.