Peter & Jim added 7/6/2023

It's officially Big Dick Bottom Day today we join Jim and Peter on their adventure in CapeTown.  The guys originally had the plan to spend the day on the beach, but when they find that their access has been blocked off for a bike race, they find themselves with some time time to fill before they can cross the road to the beach. Time that they definitely put to good use.

Peter doesn't even let Jim get inside before he pounces on him, so our encounter literally begins in the doorway before they eventually make it to the bedroom. The day is definitely a hot one, as Peter is already breaking a sweat even before he gets Jim's juicy cock in his mouth, and things get even hotter from that point on. 

This is truly an encounter between 2 sexual beasts as they ravish and devour each other throughout. Jim's rimming almost sends Peter over the edge even before the fucking begins, but luckily he manages to hold on long enough for Jim to give one of his best topping performances ever.