Kirk & Peter added 3/4/2023

In any couple, there is always one person who hogs the whole bed. Today that person is Peter Annaud, much to the annoyance of bunkmate Kirk. To make up for the bad night's sleep though, Peter kindly offers up his ass to Kirk. Although it does not help him make up for the lack of sleep, it certainly gets the day off to a perfect beginning.

While Peter is universally famous for his big and girthy cock, Kirk is certainly no slouch in that department either and does a great job of stretching open Peter's tight hole in this horny encounter.

Kirk certainly shows no mercy here, (but neither does Peter ask for any), as he pounds Peter into spasms of pleasure, feeding his hungry hole with as much cock as he can until Peter erupts in thick and creamy spurts of cum. Even then the fucking is not over as Kirk continues to slam in and out of his buddy's ass until Peter lets fly his 2nd load in the space of minutes.

But wait! we are not done yet! Kirk finally gets his chance to drench his mate with his own thick and creamy man-juice before they both collapse in a very satisfied heap on the bed.