Kevin, Christian & Sven added 11/12/2022

Both Kev and Sven are supposed to be doing other tasks during this production, but it turns out that it is almost impossible to keep them out of the action, and the only way to get them to leave the other models alone is to schedule them in a scene of their own. Of course neither would be satisfied playing around with each other, so Christian Lundgren decides that he is up for a bit of fun with both of them. Of course, as this is a Kevin directed scene, the storyline is much more complicated, but you can find that out for yourselves.... but the important thing to convey ere is that Kevin, being the boss, gets to fuck both of his buddies. Normally we would say that Christian enjoys getting fucked more than any of the others on the team, but here we think Sven may have beaten him as best bottom in this encounter.