Rhys & Pierre added 7/7/2022

Both Pierre and Rhys have been known to grow a bit of a beard from time to time, but this may be the first time that we have filmed 2 bearded guys together. As you all had been asking for more variety, we thought that we would give it a try and see how you all feel about it.

Of course, it definitely helps that both of the models are very popular and extremely sexy. This is a double-day update, so we have Pierre topping Rhys in part 1, with the roles being reversed in the second part. For all of our guys, it is a blessing to be paired with Rhys, stunningly handsome, always considerate, very talented, and eager to please his buddy, he is the perfect all-around porn star. That is not to say that Pierre is any slouch either, handsome, masculine, and always up for a good time.

Some of the highlights to watch out for here are the cumshots in part 1 (especially Rhys), and Pierre's look of ecstasy in part 2 as Rhys pounds his hungry hole.