Niko & Serge added 4/21/2022

Today we take a journey into BelAmiLand, where everything is perfect, all guys are available and everyone is always horny. Our tour guides into this sexual Shangri-la are Niko Vangelis and Serge Cavalli who hook up due to their friendship with the otherwise unidentified 'Tom'.

After meeting up in the park, Serge quickly convinces Niko that they should return to his place where they can find some fun things to do. The fun things in mind of course involve a lot of kissing, sucking and fucking. As we are in our ideal fantasy today, we of course have Serge bottoming. Although his calm and understated  personality never tries to claim the spotlight, he is probably an equal to Marcel Gassion when it comes to this. As we had Marcel bottoming last week for Ariel, you can take a look and let us know who you think is best.