Peter, Raf, Orri & Marcel added 11/6/2021

2 of our biggest dicks and 2 of our most voracious bottoms join up here for this 4way tour de force. Marcel and Orri take on the combined length and girth of Peter Annaud and Raf Koons in our feature scene of the week. All of our guys today have been with us for quite a while and are so well versed in what they need to do, director Marty Stevens's only instruction today is 'do whatever you want'. Judging by the results, he should direct this way more often as everything turned out so well. Marcel and Orri compete to see who can be the sluttiest bottom while Raf and Peter savor the rewards of the competition. We think this is one of our best 4ways for a while, so we hope that you agree and enjoy the scene today.