Helmut & Ashton added 10/23/2021

Even a week after returning from Iceland poor Helmut is still feeling cold and needs a little help to warm up. Luckily he has Ashton there to help him. We're not sure if Ashton styled his hair on Helmut's, but we feel that the resemblance cannot only be chance (of course, GD may have had a hand in this too), and it is not just there where the similarities lay. Both guys have a very similar body types.. lean, but never overly muscled, they are both tall and of course they both have very impressive dicks. It seems to be custom for the more experienced guys to top the freshmen, and in this case it works out really well, but we are hoping for a return scene soon where Ashton also gets his turn on Helmut's ass. 

The fucking here is intense, deep and very sexy, and obviously Ashton enjoyed it a little too much and ended up shooting his load only half way through the scene!