Bart & Helmut - Part 2 added 9/18/2021

We didn't want to give the secret away on Thursday, but Helmut fucking Bart was just the first round of our monthy flip-flop special, and today we are happy to give you round #2 with the roles reversed.

You may notice that the past few times Helmut has appeared here that he has stopped his chest hair removal routine, and we get to see him in all his natural glory (not that he even very hairy anyhow).

While we thought that part one was a masterful performance for both our stars, after seeing part 2, we think that they have outdone even that sterling performance. Helmut definitely seems to be enjoying getting fucked by Bart more than anyone else (maybe with the exception of Jerome) that we have seen before, and Bart giving us probably his best showing as a top.

As both guys are still active on our filming roster, maybe we should ask them both back in for a repeat performance!