Marcel & Matt added 2/18/2021

Marcel is feeling fat today (I once invited him to critique my body, but I won't tell you what he said) and asks his budy Matt to see if he can help him tone up a bit more. I guess we all know Marcel well enough that whenever he asks for 'help' with anything, it is really because he wants to get laid, and that is exactly what happens here today. Matt maybe street wise and smart, but he is no match for a horny Marcel! Although he is being challenged for his King of Bottoms title by a swathe of newcomers, Marcel reminds us why he is still title holder today. Bucking and writhing to ensure that he can get every milimeter of Matt's cock inside him as far as it will go. Another notch in Marcel's bedpost today and we hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as the guys enjoyed filming it.