Hoyt & Daan added 1/7/2021

When they are not actually fucking, it seems that all our guys pass their time jerking off, earlier in the week we had Antony, and today we have Hoyt. In Hoyt's case, it probably is a pretty accurate assumption as we know for a fact that he is always horny and if he doesn't get enough ass, feels that he has to relieve the tension several times a day. Luckily for us, cute youngster Daan Jeffries arrives on the scene to take some of the workload off of Hoyt's overused right hand. 

Daan is actually looking for someone called Charlie, but when he gets a glimpse of Hoyt's raging hard-on, any thought of Charlie quickly flies out the window.

Hoyt can sometime appear a little aloof during sex, but there is something about Daan that has him fully engaged today, both physically and emotionally in what has to be the fuck of the week!