Hoyt & Matthieu added 11/19/2020

We are not exactly sure that Christian would agree when Hoyt tell Matthieu that he has an 'open relationship' as we know that Hoyt is often in the bad book for his straying ways, not that it is evergoing to change him as he loves sex too much to ever tie himself down in an exclusive relationship, and because he is Hoyt Kogan, there is no shortage of offers on the table. 

Hoyt started out as versatile with us, but the longer he has stayed, the more he has moved towards being an exclusive top, and he doesn't break form today as he makes sure that Matthieu gets the pounding that he is looking for.

As well as being insanely handsome, Hoyt is also one of our most talented lovers and never fails to hit all the right spots as Matthieu finds out today.