Andrei & Peter - Part 2 added 11/14/2020

If you thought that our dynamic duo would be worn out after part one of this scene, you are very much mistaken. After having his ass seriously pounded by Peter, Andrei is more than ready to return the favor. Most of the time in sex, Andrei like to be the one in control, and loves giving out pleasure to his partners at exactly the pace he wants to give it. Today Peter is more than happy to let his buddy take control of his pleasure... as well as his ass and cock. After a sumptuous blowjob, Andrei sets to work on Peter's hairy hole, firstly with his tongue and then with his cock. Andrei is the first to cum, shooting his load onto Peter's hole, before fucking it all back inside while Peter continues to bounce up and down until he too is ready to explode, shooting his thick load straight into Andrei's waiting mouth.