Andrei & Peter - Part 1 added 11/12/2020

We learn a secret about Peter today: shaving makes him horny! We start by joining Peter as he goes through his mornning routine of shaving and showering, only to find that by the time the shave is over, his dick is standing stiffly at attention! All the time Peter takes getting ready is not wasted on his partner Andrei Karenin, who is laying in bed fingering his asshole in anticipation the fucking it is about to get. In all honesty, we think that Peter's dick should come with a warning to 'loosen up' before hand! There is no 'usual' progression in this scene and as soon as Peter is out of the shower he replaces Andrei's fingers first with his own, and then with his beercan dick. One of the things we love most about Andrei is how slutty he can be at times, totally giving himself over to the pleasure of being fucked. After Peter shoots his load all over his buddies hole, he then proceeds to eat it all back out again while Andrei builds himself up to a colossal orgasm, which greedy Peter also gobbles up.