Roald & Bastian added 9/12/2020

Sometimes during our production at the Chateau we literally run out of space and have to find extra locations for filming. For today's scene with Roal and Bastian we actually sent them all the way back to our studio in Prague to find an empty bed. 

You may also be thinking that you have seen this one before earlier in the series, but the guys actually fucked twice during Summer Loves. The first time Roald was the top (you will remember Roald rescued Bastian from a very wet and cold fate), and since they both enjoyed each other so much, we decided to film it again, but with Bastian as top this time. As most of you enjoyed seeing Bastian getting fucked, we hope that you enjoy seeing him here today plowing his buddies hungry ass even more. The fucking is intense and unrestrained, with Roald shooting his load so far that it lands in his own mouth.