Jens & Niko - Part 2 added 10/17/2020

It's been a while since we had a scene that was more quintessentially 'Jock on Jock' than this week's offering of Niko Vangelis Vs Jens Christensen. So much so that we could not decide who should be top and who bottom, and decided to make it a flip flop so that boys guys could show us what they can offer in each of the roles. In part 1 we have Niko on top, and in part 2 he takes his turn in the passive role. 

Not only are their physiques perfect Jock material, but also the way they approach sex as well with everything being a competition in athleticism, from forplay, to fucking and even to cumming.  Both parts are mirror images of each other, from the roughhousing and energetic fuck and overall enjoyment level of the models. 

We really wanted to have a 'favorite' part to recommend to you, but in the end couldn't decide which we liked more, so we will have to leave it up to all of you to decide.