Peter & Joaquin added 9/22/2020

Today we are happy to report that we found another boy willing to offer up his ass to Peter's massively thick cock. We join Joaquin and Peter as they are waking up on what promises to be a beautiful day in Cape Town, both horny and ready for action. The scene starts off with blowjobs in the shower before returning to the bedroom for the serious fucking. Joaquin turns out to be the perfect partner for Peter and he manages to slide his dick all the way in with only slight resistance for Joaquin's tight but compliant hole, and in fact it only take a few strokes of that massive dick before Joaquin shoots a huge load all over his belly. Luckily for us, he still seems up for more and Peter continues to fuck him until he warns Joaquin to jump off so that he is able to shoot his load into his buddies waiting mouth.