Pip & Timothy added 10/29/2020

It's a red head double feature this week as wil bring you Timothy Blue today in this flipflop scene with sexual tornado, Pip Caulfield.  We join all our guys on the race track today for a bit of R+R, but before they find out who is the best driver, Pip and Timothy agree to meet up after the race for a more personal competition.  Pip has an amazing talent to make his partners feel like the most important person in the world, while at the same time making sure that he is also satisfied in every way. Today's encounter is very energetic, even gymnastic at times as our 2 nimble and horny boys try out every position that they can imagine. Normally our directors assert a little more control over the scene, but today Kevin has decided that 'freestyle' is the way to go... and for just this once, we may agree with him. 

This is not the only time this pair has hooked up and if you want to check out their other encounter, you will find it over on Freshmen.net