Jim & Benoit added 7/16/2020

Whenever Jim is involved in a scene we are guaranteed that it is going to be a hot encounter. Not since the time of Dano Sulik have we had a model that could fuck several times a day and still not be satisfied, but that is exactly what Jim is like.

Today Benoit and Jim are hard, horny and looking for a place to fuck. Although the Castello is a large place, it is not always easy to find a room with 4 film teams and 2 photographers competing for space. After a tip off from Jerome, our horny pair end up locating a bench in the garden where they can expend their built up sexual energy. Maybe it is the perfect size of his cock or maybe technique, or even maybe something magical, but whatever it is with Jim, all of the other boys really love getting fucked by him, and Benoit here is no exception, moaning in pleasure thoughout the fuck until he finally blow his load all over himself.