Jean-Daniel & Joel added 6/23/2020

One from the archive for you today as we bring you Joel Birkin and Jean-Daniel. Of course this is not the first time that you have seen them paired up together, as they also had an infamous encounter in Scandal in the Vatican, but this scene actually predates that one by about a year and thanks to his performance here, was the reason why we chose JD for the role of the Monsignor in the movie. 

Elegant, sexy and passionate, JD can always be relied upon to give a great performance and is one of the reasons behind his 10 year stint at BelAmi. Although he is not active as a model any more, JD can still be found on BelAmiChat most days where he continues to seduce and entertain.

The scene today is very passionate, erotic and well filmed and the 2 of them make a very sexy couple.