Helmut & Justin added 12/29/2019

Those of you with good memories will know that this is not the first time Helmut and Justin have hooked up together and in the past they have swapped blowjobs, had 3ways and an intimate scene together in June '17. Today's encounter though is not of the romatic kind, but of the more urgent 'i need to fuck' kind, as both guys were made to wait to the very end of the party before being allowed any relief. What's unusual about this scene is Helmut's choice of location... after heading to the main bedroom, he decides to fuck Justin of the bedside table instead. Justin doesn't seem to mind though and it also gave our camerman some unusual camera angles.

We will continue with this Africa series during the week starting 14 January when we will see Jamie, Claude, Helmut, Jason, Christopher, Joel, Peter, Mark and Bobby all back in action that week!