Jerome, Niall & Jens - Part 2 added 5/2/2020

Jerome and Niall are joined by Jens Christensen for part 2 of our double day update this week as our resident 'eager beaver', so we move from double blond, to triple blond.  Apprarently Jens and Niall have been planning a 3some for quite some time, and a quick phone call from Niall is all it takes to convince Jens to drop what he's doing and come around and join in the fun. Both Jens and Niall get there turns at bottoming here with Jens taking on Jerome, and Niall bravely getting penetrated by Jens' thick dick. All 3 guys here are very nicely matched physically and also in their enjoyment of sex so we hope you enjoy watching the scene as much as we did making it.