Nils & Torsten added 2/15/2020

It is a bonanza of blond today as we join Nils and Torsten on location in Cape Town for this steamy encounter. 

Our scene today is a little like a National Geographic special as our cameraman roams around the house, observing the boys as they go through their morning rituals. Hoyt, as suual, is promising to never cheat on Christian again, Helmut and Jerome are their usual exuberant selves, Antony is finding himself a little left out, and Nils and Torsten are engaged in some horny, early morning love making.

Sometimes it is hard to compare scenes, but this is easily one of the hottest morning sex encounters that we have managed to capture. Both guys are impossibly beautiful and the sex is incredibly light, loving and intense, ending with and oral cum shot from Nils, and Torsten shooting his load all over Nils' hole before gently pushing it back inside.