Jack, Marcel & Peter 2 added 12/7/2019

So Marcel performed admirably in his outing as a top the other day, but is was definitely too much to ask of him to throw away the chance of getting fucked by his XXL buddies while he had them both in the same place, so today we get a glimpse of Marcel doing what he loves to do best, getting fucked by the biggest cocks he can find. Always one to jump in at the deep end, It is Peter's extra thick dick that Marcel chooses to take on first, sighing with pleasure as it slides on up inside of him. While Jack missed out on most of the action last time, he's not going to let it happen again today and flips Marcel over on his back to give him an award winning pounding and is rewarded with 2 creamy loads, one straignt down his throat and the other all over his pink and tender hole.