Nils, Niko & Jerome added 3/28/2019

We feel we should warn you that our clip today does run a little on the long side, but as Jerome was kind enough to film their early morning workout, we thought that we should use it here as well. Those of you wanting just the sex can skip to minute 5 (but i warn you that you will be missing out on the site of Niko on the outdoor gym). After getting their blood pumping, it seems that they are all keen to follow up with some serious sexual cardio workout as well. This is definitely a 'Niko worshipping' scene, with both Jerome and Nils committed to ensuring that every one of Niko's needs are fulfilled.
ps. We guess that you will be hearing the boys refer to Niko as 'Hercules' quite often.... if we would have known maybe we could have named him that from the beginning.