Jon & Niko added 10/18/2018

Although we normally introduce new guys on Freshmen first, Niko is one model that we decided to bring straight over to BelAmi. Muscular and athletic, Niko is already a very popular addition to our belamichat team so we are very pleased to be able to bring him here to you all as well. In this first scene we have chosen to pair him with Jon Kael. Jon and Niko are quite close friends in real life as well after having met in the chat studio, so we can expect a very relaxed and familiar playfulness between the two boys 2. Niko's debut is as a bottom, but he is an equally good top and we can expect to see much more of him in the future. Given their close personal relationship it should not be a surprise to hear that they had been 'practicing' for this scene for a couple weeks beforehand. This scene is slated to be released in the upcoming Jock Love 2 DVD.