Marc, Adam, Marcel, Brian, Robin and Roald added 7/2/2016

I see some of you feel betrayed that LAST SUMMER IN GREECE was not entirely filmed in Greece and so I feel some clarification is order. First it is good to know that that Greek Salad and LSiG are two different projects filmed several months apart.
Greek Salad was filmed in June, while we had mostly good weather, so it was all filmed on Mykonos.
The LSiG production started in late September and had to be interrupted because of windy weather and injury and had to be finished in South Africa few month later. One scene was even re-filmed in Budapest. I wonder why it should matter to anybody as it is a film, not docu series like Greek Salad.
Evita was also filmed in Budapest not Buenos Aires and only four days of Scandal In Vatican were filmed in Rome, the rest in Prague and Budapest; Castello d'Kinky Angello is near Prague. May be I'll disappoint some of you but Star Wars was also not filmed in a nearby Galaxy but in Hollywood. I hope it won’t spoil your viewing pleasure. GD
Anyhow.... On with the orgy...