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Gregg and Adam added 6/4/2015

You may be led to believe that Gino was playing matchmaker in hooking up Adam Archuleta with Gregg Meyjes. The truth is that Adam doubles sometimes as a trainer, making sure that new boys (and ones that come from other studios) are prepared for the BelAmi style of shooting. This Training includes what positions allow the best camera angels, making the boys comfortable at our studio etc. Some of these training sessions are done without a camera but sometimes- especially in instances where we know the boy has experience- they are filmed. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Adam doesn't complain too much, especially when he gets to fuck a guy like Gregg.
Just as a little trivia: the picture of Venice in the living room is a print taken from one of Luke's photos. This photo was taken during a location scouting trip last year.