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Jim and Julien - Part 2 added 8/9/2014

Julien Julio and Jim... These three models have more in common than the fact that their names begin with a J.
All three are also beautiful, young and hung!
In this 2 part scene it's Julien who ends up on the receiving end of Jim and Julio who take Julien on separately. And boy do they, with many different positions and lots of serious sucking, Julien should be worn out after Julio alone in Part 1. For unknown reasons todays scene is with a condom‏. Don't' ask why as this is a mystery to all of us but tomorrow Julien loses the condom for Jim!
In real life Julio is a very close friend of Jim. Sometimes putting friends together in a scene helps the newcomer relax, and other time, like this, it actually makes things a bit awkward. Because Julio was new and hadn't completed his STD tests, the first part was shot with condoms. The second part with 2 more experienced models only is a lot more free flowing and without condoms.