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Jack and Danton added 6/12/2014

Although Jack is featured prominently in this month’s KinkyAngels edition, it’s been about a month since we’ve seen him here at BelAmiOnline. So today we have teamed him up with sexy newcomer Danton Gary (whose name was inherited from AYOR).
In order to save on operating costs, we have the boys do chores in between having sex. Danton’s job is ironing clothes for the other boys (just kidding here).
Jack, more horny than normal after being rebuffed by Kevin, is seeking another “target” for his libido. So it comes to pass that Danton’s ironing is interrupted and the rest of the boys must sacrifice wrinkle-free clothes on the altar of Jack’s lust.
Though we have many talented bottoms working for us now, Danton’s ability to take all Jack can give- while still wanting more puts him in a class all his own and makes for a very erotic encounter.