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Joel Birkin added 10/1/2014

After reading your reactions to Monday's photos we though we would address some of your comments here starting with his haircut (no he's not a skinhead). When Joel first came to us he kept his hair like this because of his devotion to his sport. You can check out his model pic if you want to see what he looks like in more recent time. George had to go through many photo sets during the time that he was convincing him to work for us, so you will get a variety of looks going forward.
Joel's personality is naturally more serious and a little more melancholic that a lot of our guys, which means you won't see him smiling so much and George feels that this doesn't detract from his sexiness at all, but rather gives it it's own uniqueness amongst our boys.
As you see more of Joel we are sure that those of you who are not yet convinced will come around to enjoy him (and his dick) just as much as we do.