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Sascha & Alex REMASTERED added 10/28/2023

Our 2 stars today had the longest runs at BelAmi as active models, so we are happy to remaster this classic with Alex and Sascha

Bike Affair, Alex Orioli is smitten with Sascha Chaykin, thinking him an Apollo with the chiseled body of a Greek statue. After motorbike racing through the sand dunes and sharing a cool dip in the pool with fellow racers, Josh Elliot and Jacques Briere, Alex and Sascha are left alone to satisfy their lust for each other. Alex revels at having his cock sucked by Sascha. He spreads his legs wide so as to give plenty of room for Sascha’s enthusiastic endeavors. We, on the other hand, enjoy seeing Sascha on all fours from the other end with his manly equipment hanging out at the rear in all its enticing majesty. The lads can’t seem to get enough of each other’s peckers as they move into a sixty-nine. This overt enthusiasm for cock ‘n’ balls lingers on far longer than we’re used to, but it’s not boring since the chemistry between these boys is quite evident to anyone watching. Their infectious desire goes all the way, including partaking of each other’s warm nectar for they’re hungry to experience everything the other has to offer. After the slurping, Sascha gladly straddles Alex and we immediately become mesmerized by Sascha’s butt cheeks as they flex with each invigorating thrust into Alex’s beckoning rosebud. The camera zeros in from behind, revealing Alex’s balls dangling low between his outstretched thighs while Sascha’s flap about wildly. When Alex breathlessly blurts, “Fuck me hard,” Sascha’s nads quickly turn into a blur as he pumps away like a sex-starved dog who’s found a bitch in heat. The camera moves in so close to the point of penetration we feel as though Sascha’s frenzied gonads could very well bounce off our noses. (And the problem is…?) But when the tightening strain in the nuts becomes too strong, Sascha stands and delivers, shooting his frothy jizz into Alex’s mouth who eagerly laps it up as though he were in desperate need of protein nourishment.