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Tom Pollock added 3/8/2023

Our treat for the week is the ever-charming and handsome Tom Pollock. Sometimes it can get a little awkward when we schedule content for models who also work in the office, but it is never the case with Tom, who also still maintains his own OF page and is more than happy to show off for all of us.

Apart from being tall, built, and handsome, Tom displays here a nice sense of humor and self-deprecation, which adds to his overall charm. For those of you who are not fans of guys who shave, this PS should be a bonus, as Tom is in full display of his soft, blond hair that covers most of his front (except maybe his face :-) ). Our cameraman today is ably assisted by Tim Campbell, who shows a definite gift for holding the reflector in just the right way to get all the best shots!