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Gene & Oscar added 11/9/2023

While we don't think that Gene is seriously considering becoming a Hare Krishna, it's good to see the guys broadening their horizons. When Oscar turns up, Gene is quickly persuaded that a life without  fucking other guys is definitely not for him. 

Oscar seems to be in a bit of a rush at the start of the scene, maybe it is just the sight of handsome Gene, half naked on the bed, or maybe he feels an urgency to turn him away from the religious path, but Gene does not object when the book is quickly discarded and he succumbs to Oscar's amorous advances. What follows is some very intense and steamy sex, with Gene taking the role of top and giving Oscar exactly what he is looking for.  

There is always something special about 2 big-dicked guys going at it as if their lives depend on it, and this is exactly what both guys deliver today.  Thankfully we will be getting to see quite a bit more of both guys in the future!