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Jamie & Sven added 7/8/2023

It is a Battle of the Blonds today as we join 2 of our cutest and sexiest guys for this explosive encounter.  It has been a long time coming, but finally, Sven and Jamie get the chance to show us that blonds truly do it better. We start off with Jamie catching up with Sven in the Gym and taking a few pictures for a 'project' that he is working on.  In reality, we think that the project has nothing to do with taking pictures, but everything to do with adding new names to his list of conquests. In a true display of gymnastic sex, the guys give us a display of some of the most inventive and unusual positions to have sex in.  The most important thing is that the guys seem to be having a lot of fun, and no matter how impossible the position would seem to us 'normal people' it certainly gives us a great view of 2 of our sexiest guys, and judging by the amount of cum flying out of both of the guys, this 'adventure sex' seems to be a really big turn-on for both Jamie and Sven as well.