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Ariel & Jason - part 2 added 7/1/2023

... there's more! Today we rejoin Ariel and Jason for part 2 of our special this week and Ariel offers up his abundant ass for Jason to use however he likes.  It's straight out of the shower today and back into action as Ariel challenges Jason to prove that he is man enough to satisfy him. Even before the fucking starts, Jason has Ariel whimpering in pleasure as his tongue teases his buddy's hole, getting it all wet and ready for Jason to drive his already hard cock all the way in. Although we don't subtitle during sex, we can let you in on a little secret here: Ariel's little pleasured whispers throughout the sex are either 'fuck me' or 'fuck me harder'. Part one of this encounter may have been a feast of pleasure, but today is certainly the perfect creamy dessert; the final course that makes for an excellent meal and leaves us all satisfied and happy.