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Eluan & Kieran added 1/28/2023

In case you were worried about a twink overdose following Thursday's update with Kirk and Jorik, we are providing you with the antidote of an injection of Kieran and Eluan. Today's scene is a Kevin Warhol special, so we can be guaranteed that it is going to involve a lot of fun (and in this case, a lot of pissing too!) A quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors determines that Kieran is going to be the bottom today before the guys head home from Chapman's Peak where the real action starts.

The contrast between today's update, and last week's Cape Town premiere could not be more marked. The clean and lingering shots from director Marty are replaced with the raw energy and sexual abandon that typifies Kevin's home videos. Each scene, in its own way, a sample of perfection, but in totally different ways.

The meeting of Eluan and Kieran today could best be described as a sexual collision and no holds barred sex between 2 of our sexiest guys.

NB Kieran's cumshot at about 13:30!