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Elio & Jorik added 10/1/2022

Everyone is going to have a preference here as to whether they prefer to see Uncle Elio fucking Jorik, or if they want to see the tables turned and prefer seeing our star twink pounding Elio instead.  Luckily at BelAmi you can have it all. In part 1 we have Jorik trying to cheer up Elio by offering his butt for his use and pleasure. Seeing that he was so successful in lifting Elio's spirits, Jorik decides that he will need the same experience, and after a quick shower the boys are back at it in the 2nd part of this double update. While most of you seem to prefer Jorik as a bottom, he has a lot going for him as a top as well.  Alongside the smile, cheerful nature, and carefree laugh, there is a streak of dominance in him that makes him perfect as a top as well, as Elio only too happily finds out here.