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Serge & Matthieu added 5/7/2022

We had to think long and hard about what to show you today. Since the last update was Helmut's first scene, we wanted to give you a little chance to compare the young and old Helmut, so we chose this scene as he was supposed to be in it, before being given the chance to take over the directorial role instead.

Matthieu Pique gets the job of standing in for Helmut instead in this sexy romp with Serge Cavalli. Serge is one of our few really great versatile performers, whether laying on his back with a dick inside, or pounding away at a hungry bottom, he is a true lover of sex and can always be counted on for an A class show. Here we get some of Serge's most energetic fucking, leaving Matthieu quivering in pleasure before finally shooting his load on, and in, his buddy's ass.