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Adam, Maori & Antony added 2/24/2022

Our outing today is not just a scene, it is a bit of a telenovela of Adam's life as he continues his efforts to fuck his way through all the available (and some of the unavailable) guys in Prague. We join him as he is trying to find a place for a 3some with Maori and Antony. Of course he eventually finds a way but it involves tricking Jerome into being a cameraman so that he doesn't get to join in the fun. The sex here is amazing. Maori is a talented and voracious bottom, and no matter what our 2 tops can throw at him, he takes it and asks for more.

To head off a little question we are bound to be asked here, Helmut's room does NOT have weed plants in there... They are just hemp plants that Helmut cultivates for use in his rope-making hobby! You learn something new every day right?