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Kirk & Jamie added 9/11/2021

In this week's standout scene we have rising star, Jamie Eliot paired with the eternally sexy Kirk Gauguin. The cuteness of the pairing is probably enough to earn this encounter 5 stars, but combined with the explosive sexual energy, this one is definitely off the scale. You all probably know Kirk well enough, but Jamie has been a true treasure since joining our team. Not only does he have limitless sexual energy, the ways that he likes to express his sexuality are also without bounds... especially when it comes to bottoming. Move over Marcel, there is another star in the house! Without any negative connotations, he can truely be described as a natural born sex maniac, and if he could have a dick up his butt 24/7 he would be more than happy. Pairing him up with Kirk today definitely brings out the best in both guys and we see the secret sex devil that laies behind Kirk's angelic countenance.