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Olaf & Andrei added 6/24/2021

Olaf is about to find out how quickly fortunes can change for him today. His first task of the day was to go out and get breakfast for himself and Andrei, but after trudging through the snow for close to a mile to the nearest shop he found that it was closed for stocktaking, and then on the slog back home, a dog peed on his leg. Poor boy, things could not get off to a worse start. At least Andrei is there to try and cheer him up a little, and he knows exactly what to do. One of our most sensual lovers, Andrei can make the sun shine on even the most rainy day, and that is exactly what he does here with a slow and sensual blow job, intense rimming and then a very thorough pounding. Pretty soon Olaf's day has turned from one of his worst into one of his best.