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Billy & Tim - Part 1 added 3/2/2021

Tim is a bit of a theme this week, with Timothy Blue being the model of the week, and Tim Campbell starring in a flip flop special as well! His partner in crime this week is the sumptuous Billy Montague and the scenes are filmed in Budapest for us by Marty Stevens.

There is actually a nice tie in with the last week's photoset of Rhys and Julien, as our pair today almost interrupt Rhys and Julien and they continue enjoying their time together after the photoshoot. 

Both of the guys today are full of the joyous smiles of a new love, and also the horiness that leads them to try and fuck almost all the time, anywhere and everywhere.

In part one it is Billy who is filling Tim's eager hole, firstly with his hard cock and then later with loads of creamy cum, and in part 2 the roles are reversed as we rejoin the boy in the studio for a little chat about the fuck they just had, and their plans for the fuck yet to come where Tim gets to take his turn topping Billy.