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Torsten & Alan added 1/23/2021

You would think that to be a porn actor you would have to be a bit of an extrovert, and while most of the time this is true, we also get guys that maintain some shyness and quietness no matter how long they film with us. This is the case with Alan today. For him it is certainly not a a negative, and his has been know to use this 'shyness' to his advantage on many occasions, like today when he convinces Torsten to give him some more 'lessons' (the cheeky rascal has already been filming with us for more than a year at this point). 

We begin the schooling with blowjob lessons, which Torsten asks Alan to demonstrate to show him what he learnt before moving on to the fucking. Hopefully sometime in the future Torsten will also give Alan the opportunity to show him what he learned here, as Torsten is a fine teacher, demonstrating deep strokes, the right angle to tease the prostate, endurance and passion.

What he didn't need to teach Alan was anything about cumshots, as in this area he is already a master, literally spraying his whole chest with a fountain of thick and creamy cum.