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Antony & Christian - Part 1 added 12/24/2020

So for all our European friends it is Merry Christmas today, but in order to get everyone celebrating we decided to bring you this special Sex Safi double update and cover those of us who celebrate Christmas on the 25th as well.

We start off today with a major upheaval for Christian. Hoyt has gone off for the day and left him and Rhys is moving out of the room they share so that new arrival, Antony can move in. Of course it does not take Christian too long to determine that Antony is an acceptable Hoyt replacement and he won't be needing his favourite dildo today. This pairing has to be one of our most popular here, tall, dark and handsome Antony pounding tall, blond and handsome Christian is something we could be watching all day.

Hoyt better step up his game as 'boyfriend', after sex this good we can see Christiam making a more permanent change!