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Jesse & Brian added 12/1/2020

What better way to start the week than with a sensual massage from sexy Jesse Tobey? I'm pretty sure that none of us would be turning it down! 

Of course no massage is complete without a happy ending, and this one is certainly happier  than most. After a slow and sensual rub down, Jesse turns his attention to Brian's fat cock, gently storking, rubbing, licking and sucking until he decides it's time to slide it inside. To make sure that things are well lubed, Brian slides his tongue deep inside Jesse, working him up into a state where he is almost begging to get fucked. 

Brian has always been one of our more classic 'Jocks' so a partner like Jesse is almost perfect for him and his explosive cumshot at the end is enough to show his buddy how much he appreciated the 'massage'